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Hair Loss Treatment in Tucson, AZ

Beauty & Health by Liz in Tucson, AZ offers state-of-the-art, PRP and PRF hair restoration treatments, as well as cutting edge PDO thread therapy to treat hair loss and regrow fuller, thicker hair. These minimally invasive, all natural hair loss treatments are effective for restoring hair growth in both men and women. PRP, PRF and PDO threading are affordable alternatives to expensive and painful hair transplant surgery – and offer the added advantage of no downtime!

PRP (“Platelet Rich Plasma”) has been used by doctors in sports and regenerative medicine for over a decade to repair joints by harnessing the body’s natural healing processes. And, in recent years, the famous PRP “Vampire Facial,” often seen on social media, has become popular for its exceptional ability to rejuvenate skin. Now cutting-edge PRP technology is being offered at Beauty & Health by Liz in Tucson, AZ to naturally restore hair growth. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is simply extracted from the patient’s own blood, and re-injected into the scalp where its concentrated growth factors stimulate the dormant hair follicles. Newer, thicker hair growth is seen over time in areas of thinning and baldness. And, because the patient’s own blood is used, there are no side-effects.

We also offer advanced PDO hair threading technology – which stimulates hair regrowth by regenerating collagen production, activating fibroblasts and elastin, and increasing blood flow and circulation to the hair follicles. Within 12 weeks PDO hair threading patients see appreciable increases in hair count – that is more effective than harsh chemicals like Finasteride or Minoxidil, without the side-effects. 

If you live in the greater Tucson area, schedule a consultation today to learn how PRP, PRF and PDO thread therapy can help you regrow thicker, fuller, luscious hair.