Body Aesthetic Services
in Tucson, AZ

Treat your body like the temple it is at Beauty & Health by Liz, where our talented experts offer a broad range of body aesthetic services. Whether you’re looking for effortless hair removal or a toned physique, we have customizable options that will fulfill all your desires!
Woman smiling with her aesthetician at Beauty & Health by Liz

Advanced Body Solutions to Meet your Goals

We’re proud to offer some of the most unique services in the Tucson area, and they’re all completely personalized to you. Liz and our team know that the best way to get incredible results means taking the time to get to know you and understand your unique needs. You can rest easy knowing that we’ll use your insights to create your dream results, so you can focus on becoming your most radiant self.

Body Sculpting

Regenerative, revitalizing treatments that sculpt, shape, and improve the look of your figure and skin: our body sculpting options tackle a wide variety of concerns for a flawless physique that you won’t want to wait to show off! Using one or a combination of treatments, we can enhance your features by adding volume, toning muscles, burning fat, minimizing the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, and more with our personally tailored options. Our treatments include:

Skin Rejuvenation & Tightening

Whether by gravity or the Arizona sun, we understand that the natural forces around us can have a large impact on the skin. We can help you get you back to a more youthful and fit look with treatments that are designed to tighten and rejuvenate the skin all over your body. Our diverse choices are multi-use, and we’ll work with you to find the right combination for your goals. Our services include:
Laser hair removal in Tucson, AZ at Beauty & Health by Liz

Laser Treatments

Sometimes you want to take things away, whether it’s a regrettable tattoo or troublesome hyperpigmentation. Our regenerative lasers are also multi-purpose, and our team can use each one on a diverse range of skin tones.And as an added benefit, our technology also helps your skin heal from the inside out! Our laser removal services include: