Non-Surgical BBL
in Tucson, AZ

Want the sculpted, voluptuous booty of your dreams that just hasn’t happened at the gym yet? Our non-surgical BBL at Beauty & Health by Liz provides you with a quick yet still impactful boost to your bum that we know you’ll love! Find out why our non-surgical BBL with RADIESSE® is the procedure our team is expertly sculpting!

Non-surgical Brazilian butt lift at Beauty & Health by Liz in Tucson, AZ

What Is a Non-Surgical BBL?

A non-surgical BBL (Brazilian butt lift) is an innovative procedure that utilizes collagen-boosting RADIESSE® fillers to sculpt, lift, and plump up your butt! It works by using RADIESSE®, a filler containing calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) spheres that form a matrix under your skin that essential collagen and elastin proteins form around, resulting in a tighter, smoother, and thicker rear end when injected by our experts. With a non-surgical BBL, you can get the vavavoom results of a traditional BBL without all the downsides, risks, and recovery of surgery!

The Advantages of RADIESSE® Non-Surgical BBL

RADIESSE® uses your body’s natural healing capacity to boost the production of essential proteins like collagen and elastin that give youthful skin its signature firm bounce, tautness, and glow. This makes it extremely effective for body sculpting, and allows it to create a firm, realistic shape when used to perform non-surgical BBLs. We’re excited to offer our patients this innovative procedure that spares you the issues associated with a surgical BBL while still helping you get gorgeous results fast!
Woman in pool with Radiesse Non-surgical Brazilian butt lift from Beauty & Health by Liz

What Can Non-Surgical BBL Do for You?

We love how RADIESSE® is a high impact filler that creates dramatic, lasting results for our patients’ backsides! No matter what kind of booty results you’re looking for, our experts are here to make them happen with the help of RADIESSE® and their effortless eye for a beautiful bum. We can do so much with a non-surgical BBL while avoiding the pitfalls of the traditional procedure, including:

  • Lifting
  • Increasing volume
  • Enhancing firmness
  • Minimizing cellulite
  • Reducing scarring
  • Sculpting a gorgeous silhouette!

Is a Non-Surgical BBL Right for You?

If you’re looking for beautiful results for the booty of your dreams, you’re in luck! Most people are great candidates for non-surgical BBLs. A non-surgical BBL has several advantages over traditional BBL surgery, including that more patients qualify as you do not need large fat stores. Additionally, it bypasses several safety concerns associated with BBL surgery, as well as requiring far less downtime. Our compassionate team will determine what a non-surgical BBL can do for you during a consultation and will go over your medical history and other necessary information to ensure that you’re a candidate.

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Your Non-Surgical BBL Appointment:
What to Expect

Prior to your first appointment, we’ll get to know your goals and ideal results. We’ll then prepare the required amount of RADIESSE® filler for your procedure, during which you will lay on the table as our team mark the necessary injection spots. Luckily, the shots don’t hurt more than your typical injection, and you can trust us to sculpt the shape you desire. Afterward, you will have to be gentle with the area, but otherwise you should be ready to return to normal. Our team will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to ensure you get the most optimal results.

Non-Surgical BBL at Beauty & Health by Liz

When you walk in the doors of our relaxing space, you can trust that you’ll receive royal treatment like nowhere else in Tucson! We’re proud to operate a forward-thinking practice that’s helmed by skilled experts who are passionate about helping our patients uncover their best selves and are ready to get you the sculpted physique of your dreams. When it comes to non-surgical BBLs, we’re very understanding of the fact that not everyone wants to go under the knife, which is why we offer this procedure — and because we’ve seen the gorgeous results it creates! With our founder and leader Liz Guerrero on your side, you’ll have your ideal booty in no time — all you have to do is book your consultation to see what we can do for you!