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Hair Restoration Treatment for men in Tucson, AZ

Alma TED Hair Restoration Treatment for Hair Loss & Regrowth

Hair loss can cause your confidence to take a major hit, especially when you’re waiting for it to regrow! At Beauty & Health by Liz, we offer the most advanced, scientifically backed treatments to restore both your luscious mane and your confidence!

What Is Alma TransEpidermal Delivery (TED) Hair Restoration?

Designed to treat hair thinning and hair loss, the Alma TED uses cutting-edge, non-invasive technology to stimulate hair growth. By using the power of ultrasonic acoustic sound waves, air pressure, and a proprietary topical hair care formula, the Alma TED delivers follicle-feeding growth factors and nutrients to your scalp while also increasing blood flow. This results in thicker, stronger hair without the discomfort and shedding that come with other hair restoration treatments!

Alma TransEpidermal Delivery (TED) Hair Restoration Technology

What Can TED Hair Restoration Do for You?

Alma TED hair restoration can grow your hair back thicker, stronger, and healthier. Additional benefits include:

  • Painless treatment with no additional trauma to the scalp
  • No needles, incisions, or anesthesia required
  • Strengthens the hair follicles for healthier hair
  • Improves hair density
  • No shedding or downtime
Man looking at his scalp and touching hair while looking at the mirror needing hair restoration in Tucson, AZ
Woman falling out hair in need of hair restoration by Beauty & Health by Liz in Tucson, AZ

Is Alma TED Hair Restoration Right for You?

Anyone dealing with hair loss is likely a great candidate for Alma TED hair restoration! These treatments are ideal for patients who are in the earlier stages of hair loss or are dealing with telogen effluvium and other forms of hair loss. Our compassionate team will help you determine if the Alma TED device’s follicle nourishing powers are right for you during a consultation.

Other Hair Restoration Methods: PRP, PRF, & PDO

For those that would like to explore the alternatives to hair restoration, we’re also proud to offer solutions like [PRP] and [PRF hair restoration], as well as [collagen-generating PDO hair threads] that can revive your hair at its deepest levels. These treatments use your own platelets and fibrin from your blood or use biocompatible threads to stimulate hair growth. Our team will happily determine which hair restoration methodwill be best for you during a consultation!

  • PRP Hair Restoration
  • PRF Hair Restoration
  • PDO Hair Restoration

Your TED Hair Restoration Appointment:
What to Expect

The treatment itself is painless and fast, and once you’re finished with your appointment, we’ll give you details on what to expect. You should notice hair growing within a month or so, and we’ll schedule you for another appointment to keep the momentum going. We want you to love your treatment and will ensure you’re comfortable throughout each of your TED sessions.

TED Hair Restoration Results

Most patients start noticing results within a month, but even enhanced hair growth with the Alma TED takes time. Once your hair starts filling in, you’ll notice that the strands may be thicker or growing longer than what you’re used to: we want you to enjoy the confidence boost this brings and will provide you with information on making the most of your new locks!

Alma TED Hair Restoration at Beauty & Health by Liz

At Beauty & Health by Liz, we’re proud to always stay on the cutting-edge of the industry by bringing on the latest, greatest, scientifically proven treatments. We knew the Alma TED was providing our patients with something they needed to live life as their best selves and are thrilled with the results it has yielded. Our expert care, and our commitment to providing the royal experience for patients every time is part of why we’re your premier destination in Tucson for everything aesthetics and wellness: simply book your consultation to find out how we can bring you the stunning results of your dreams!