Hyperhidrosis Treatment
in Tucson, AZ

Not only can excessive sweating ruin your plans, stain your nice outfits, and cause undue attention, it can take a toll on your self-image! At Beauty & Health by Liz, our experts have an elegant solution: simple injections that bring your sweat glands under control, so you can stop battling with your antiperspirant.

Woman receiving hyperhidrosis treatment in Tucson, AZ

What Is Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

Hyperhidrosis simply means excessive sweating, which our treatment aims to eliminate. We use neuromodulating neurotoxins to stop hyperhidrosis by blocking the nerve signals in your brain that stimulate your sweat glands. Once these signals are inhibited, sweating is significantly reduced in areas like the underarms and hands. Not only will you find relief from the discomfort of excessive sweating, you’ll find your quality of life and confidence improve!

What Can Hyperhidrosis Treatment Do for You?

Hyperhidrosis treatment can help you unveil a whole new world of confidence! These quick injections create results within days, revealing a dramatic effect that will have your self-esteem through the roof once you’re free of the discomfort hyperhidrosis brings! Each session lasts months, making it a low-maintenance treatment that’s tailored to your will and needs. Our skilled team can even treat your hands, feet, chest, head, and even your face! All you need to do is tell us about your concerns in consultation.
What can hyperhidrosis treatment do for you?
Hyperhirosis treatment candidate at Beauty and Health by Liz

Is Hyperhidrosis Treatment Right for You?

Hyperhidrosis treatment is incredibly safe, which is why most patients who suffer from excessive sweating are candidates! Because we use neuromodulators like BOTOX® Cosmetic, virtually anyone who qualifies for anti-aging neurotoxin injections can undergo hyperhidrosis treatments. As each treatment area and individual is different, we’ll discuss your specific areas of concern with you and determine if our hyperhidrosis treatment is the best solution for your unique needs.

Your Hyperhidrosis Treatment Appointment:  What to Expect

Prior to your appointment, you’ll have already undergone a consultation with us. We’ll provide you with preparation instructions and start the appointment by cleansing the desired treatment areas so that you can enjoy your life, sweat-free! We’ll apply a numbing cream if you’re particularly sensitive, and then we’ll inject the product. You may feel some stinging and swelling afterward, but this is normal. Results will be apparent within days, and you shouldn’t have any downtime following.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment at Beauty & Health by Liz

At Beauty & Health by Liz, you won’t receive cookie-cutter treatment. Everything is completely tailored to you like the VIP that you are. With our signature mix of expertise, compassion, and skill, we’ll ensure that your sweat glands stop working overtime with a well-administered hyperhidrosis injection. You’ll wonder why you didn’t book with us sooner when you start enjoying your new life free from embarrassing excess sweat!