Laser Pigment Removal
in Tucson, AZ

What if you could drastically improve issues like hyperpigmentation? With our laser pigment removal services, the Beauty & Health by Liz team will make your dream skin a reality.
Laser pigment removal in Tucson at Beauty & Health by Liz

What Is Laser Pigment Removal?

Laser pigment removal is the process of using a laser to dissolve pigment cells. The dissolved cells from the laser are eliminated by your body’s lymphatic system as your skin regenerates to bring newer, fresher skin to the surface. These healthier skin cells result in a more even skin tone that’s free of redness, hyperpigmentation, melasma, abnormal veins, and other issues, which gives you that coveted baby-skin look! Because laser pigment removal is more precise than other methods, it can be used on various areas of the face and body, and can be part of a longer-term anti-aging, skin reviving treatment plan as well as a fix for hyperpigmentation related conditions.

Laser Pigment Removal with Cartessa Chrome

We’ve brought on the Cartessa Chrome laser platform to Beauty & Health by Liz because it’s one of the most advanced, customizable laser device systems available! Its multiple wavelengths and attachments make it able to address a versatile list of concerns, and it’s also gentle enough to create effective pigment removal outcomes for all skin tones, something not every device can claim! The Cartessa Chrome not only helps our team make our patients’ ideal results come true, but it also allows us to address diverse issues and give our Tucson patients the royal treatment they deserve.
Laser pigment removal device in Tucson at Beauty & Health by Liz

What Can Laser Pigment Removal Do for You?

You’ll want to ditch the corrective makeup after you’re done with laser pigment removal! Not only will your skin look fresher and healthier, but it’ll also be stimulated long after your session as it’s able to keep up advanced cellular turnover like youthful skin does! Laser pigment removal at Beauty & Health by Liz can address many concerns, including:
  • Visible signs of aging
  • Sun Damage
  • Rosacea
  • Discoloration and dark spots
  • Uneven skin texture and tone
  • Poor skin cell rejuvenation

Is Laser Pigment Removal Right for You?

If you’re dealing with discoloration, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, or any other issues that might make your skin look uneven and blotchy, laser pigment removal is likely a great option for you! The Cartessa Chrome system we use is gentle enough that most people are candidates, especially those who may not be candidates for other lasers. If you’re pregnant and have developed melasma, our team can help, and our founder Liz Guerrero is here to consult with you to decide if the Cartessa Chrome system or if another laser, like a CO2 laser, would be better for your unique skin and needs.
Candidate for laser pigment removal in Tucson, AZ

Your Laser Pigment Removal Appointment: 
What to Expect

Prior to your initial session, we’ll have a consultation with you to determine your candidacy and go over your medical history and concerns. We want to be able to meet all your goals, from precisely tailoring your treatment precisely to ensuring you’re comfortable throughout. We’ll ask you to avoid sensitizing agents and the sun before your first session, during which we’ll cleanse and perform the laser treatment on the desired areas. Afterward, you might feel some redness and sensitivity: this should go away within a few days, and you can use ice to help. We’ll also schedule your follow-up and give you more aftercare instructions for optimal results, including using gentle skincare and diligent SPF use.

Laser Pigment Removal at Beauty & Health by Liz

We’re proud to be the premier destination in Tucson for everything beauty and wellness! From upholding the utmost standards of care and service to making sure you’re comfortable, we give our patients the confidence and tools necessary for them to reach their fullest potential. We’re experienced with laser pigment removal, having helped numerous patients of all ages and skin types and tones get the healthy, even skin of their dreams. No matter how much pigment you need removed or where, our team can make it happen with our skill and advanced technology — discover the difference by scheduling an appointment today!