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Assessments &
Customized Plans

When it comes to caring for your skin, it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, our compassionate team is here to help, using our expertise on a wide range of solutions to solve even the most complex problems. We’re experienced in treating a diverse array of body types and beauty standards and make achieving your goals as easy as scheduling an appointment!

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Our Approach to Beautifying Your Skin

Creating beautiful skin first requires an in-depth approach and understanding of the biological system that it is. Our free consultations begin with an in-depth analysis of your skin’s health and condition. We’ll take a close look at your skin with the Pear™ 3D Skin Analysis System, a multifaceted device that takes multiple images of the skin at all its layers in microscopic detail. This allows us to view and begin planning how to treat UV damage, wrinkles growing underneath fat, clogged pores, and more to ensure that your skin is as healthy and gorgeous as can be!

Which Services Will Provide Your Preferred Results?

We’re proud to offer a range of services and treatments that target various skin issues and conditions and feature some of the most unique offerings in the Tucson area. We’ll ensure that you’re getting the services you need for your dream results with our tailored plans, which we’ll go over with you in consultation.

Which Leading Technology Will Benefit You the Most?

The industry moves fast, and we’re constantly investing in new technology at Beauty & Health by Liz. Starting with our Pear™ 3D Skin Analysis System, you’ll learn about how science and beauty have intersected to create some of the finest treatments around, like the acne-busting AviClear laser and Morpheus8 anti-aging microneedling treatments!

We Prioritize Your Needs & Beauty Standards

It’s always our aim to meet all your needs, whether you need your care in English or Spanish. Our team is multilingual, with English, French, and Spanish being spoken at our practice, and we take a diverse approach that’s built on a firm understanding of multiethnic beauty standards.

Are the Services You Need Accessible?

We believe that everyone deserves stunning skin. We offer regular specials on coveted treatments and have financing options with Cherry, Care Credit and our own in-house plans that make your care line up with your budget.

Let Us Put You & Your Beauty First!

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