Cartessa Chrome Laser Treatment
in Tucson, AZ

The Cartessa Chrome’s laser skin resurfacing capabilities, and its highly versatile customizable options and attachments, make it a powerful, safe, multiuse, effective treatment device that we know our patients will love. You deserve the very best, and that’s why we’ve decided the Cartessa Chrome is fit for the job, as we’ve adopted it early on and can provide you with your ideal results with our expertise and its inherent benefits over other laser skin treatment devices.
Cartessa Chrome Laser treatment at Beauty & Health by Liz

What Are Cartessa
Chrome Laser

The Cartessa Chrome laser can resurface skin, banishing hair follicles, regenerating essential proteins like collagen and elastin, and much more! It uses a multi-wavelength system and comes with numerous attachments to offer more diverse services, including IPL and fractional lasers, which treat skin in miniscule columns to create better results. Additionally, the Cartessa Chrome laser system is capable of treating acne, vascular lesions, and even removing tattoos! What we love even more about it is how gentle we can make our treatments, and how it’s uniquely engineered to be able to treat all skin types, tones, and issues, unlike many other devices which are not suitable for darker skin.

What Can Cartessa Chrome Do for You?

Fresher, rejuvenated skin is in sight with the Cartessa Chrome’s regenerating laser resurfacing abilities! We can use it for so many different needs, whether you want to erase wrinkles and fine lines, deal with blemishes at a deeper level, or say goodbye to shaving with laser hair removal!
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Pigment Removal in Tucson, AZ at Beauty & Health by Liz


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Tattoo Removal in Tucson, AZ  at Beauty & Health by Liz


Visible Veins/Schlerotheraphy treatment at Beauty & Health by Liz

Visible Veins /

Woman undergoing wrinkles and fine lines treatment at Beauty & Health by Liz

Wrinkles &
Fine Lines

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Are Cartessa Chrome Laser Treatments Right for You?

Due to its versatility and our team’s expertise, most people are great candidates for services that require the use of the Cartessa Chrome laser device. If you’re looking for a dynamic solution, Cartessa Chrome can help, something our team will determine with you in a consultation. For darker skinned patients and those seeking treatments in sensitive areas, there’s nowhere else in Tucson like Beauty & Health by Liz that is equipped to help you turn your dreams into reality with the Cartessa Chrome laser!

Your Cartessa Chrome Appointment: 
What to Expect

Regardless of what results you’re seeking from our Cartessa Chrome-centered services, we always start with a consultation. Before your appointment, you should minimize irritating ingredients like vitamin A derivatives and avoid sun exposure. Each treatment begins with a skin cleaning, and then our experts will use the appropriate aspect of the Cartessa Chrome system on the desired areas. Once you’re done, our team will follow up with you, and schedule your next appointment if applicable. We always advise our patients that to see optimal results, they should use gentle skincare and high SPF after any laser treatment.

Cartessa Chrome Laser Treatments at 
Beauty & Health by Liz

For the royal treatment in Tucson, look no further than Beauty & Health by Liz. Our expert team is comprised of a group of caring, compassionate, skilled practitioners who want to help you thrive to your fullest potential. When it comes to beauty and wellness, we’ve created an environment for you to feel completely comfortable, regardless of what you’re looking for. That’s especially true for our Cartessa Chrome services, which are designed to help as many patients as effectively as possible. Decades of experience and world-class technology all help make our practice your new spot for all things related to aesthetic medicine and wellbeing: you simply have to schedule your first consultation to find out why!