KYBELLA® Injections
in Tucson, AZ

Get the sculpted jawline you’ve always wanted with KYBELLA® Beauty & Health by Liz in Tucson offers state-of-the-art KYBELLA® shots for men and women, the gold-standard in injectables for permanently dissolving fat beneath the chin.

Kybella injection at Beauty & Health by Liz

How Does KYBELLA® Work?

Anyone with an unwanted double chin knows that the fat in that area simply doesn’t respond to exercise or dieting, as double chin fat is primarily genetic. KYBELLA® works by destroying the “submental” fat cells — the ones beneath the chin — so that fat can never be stored there again. It contains a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a substance naturally produced by the body to stimulate fat absorption. A medical-grade substance, KYBELLA® isn’t available in salons or day spas: it can only be administered by a licensed healthcare provider, like our talented nurse injectors!

KYBELLA® treatments only take about 20 minutes, don’t require any incisions, and have little to no downtime afterwards! Our talented practitioners are here to help you stop wishing you could get rid of that stubborn double chin whenever you pass a mirror because you can do something about it right here in Tucson! Schedule an appointment today and get the sleek, tight, defined chin and jaw you’ve always wanted with KYBELLA®!

Can KYBELLA® Help Me?

KYBELLA® is proven to be effective: in recent clinical studies, patients who received KYBELLA® injections saw reductions of up to 72% in the size and appearance of their double chins. During a consultation, we’ll discuss with you how many KYBELLA® treatment sessions you’ll need to banish that double chin for good. KYBELLA® is safe and effective for most patients, showing incredible results in healthy adult men and women of any age, making cut-glass jawlines accessible without painful surgery!

  • Eliminates submental fat
  • Jawline of your choice
  • More defined profile
  • Eliminates double chin
Woman touching neck after Kybella treatment at Beauty & Health by Liz
Man pinching chin skin

What Should I Expect with KYBELLA®?

Each patient’s KYBELLA® treatment plan will look different, though they all involve making multiple injections under the chin with a fine needle. We’ll use topical anesthetic to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Liz and our skilled nurse injectors will customize a unique treatment plan that’s based on your specific chin and jawline profile and meets your aesthetic goals.

How Many Sessions of KYBELLA® Will I Need?

The number of KYBELLA® shots that you’ll need depends on the amount of fat present in the double chin area, as well as your desired goals for how you want your profile and jawline to look. Depending on the amount of fat to be dissolved, some patients may require only a single treatment, whereas others may require up to six. We space out sessions a month or so apart, and you should start seeing results within the first month of your initial session. We’ll also make adjustments to your treatments throughout the process as needed to ensure you get the very best results.

Aesthetic Options for Any Treatment

If needles make you squeamish, you don’t have to worry! We have Pro-Nox nitrous oxide gas and topical anesthetics available to ensure that your procedure is both comfortable and relaxing.