Pro-Nox™ Nitrous Oxide
Anesthetic in Tucson, AZ

Feeling anxious about discomfort during your aesthetics appointment is completely normal and common, but many patients are also wary of common anesthetics. We’re proud to offer Pro-Nox™, a safe solution that puts you in control of your pain and provides relaxing anxiety relief during your treatment: your bodily autonomy, in your hands!

What Is Pro-Nox™?

Pro-Nox™ is a trusted 50/50 blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide gas that you inhale. Commonly known as laughing gas, it’s been a staple of dentists’ offices for years thanks to its effective and fast relief for pain and anxiety. Inducing a pleasant sensation in the user, Pro-Nox™ helps patients unwind regardless of what procedure they’re undergoing to ensure that their comfortable throughout!

Why Is Pro-Nox™ an Important Option?

Your experience is our priority at Beauty & Health by Liz. We know that anesthetics can be a volatile topic, especially when it comes to non-surgical procedures, but Pro-Nox™ is a well-known and trusted solution with decades of evidence to back it up. Going beyond that, we believe that it’s important to be in control of your own experience and comfort at all times.
Woman inhaling Pro-Nox at Beauty & Health by Liz
benefits of pronox

The Benefits of Pro-Nox™: A Safe Anesthetic That You Control

  • Safe — Used in dentistry for decades

  • Versatile — Can be used for any procedure

  • Effective — Numbs pain & reduces anxiety

  • Patient-administered – You’re in control!

  • Fast effects – Takes effect in seconds

  • Fast recovery – Clears from body in minutes

  • Zero downtime – Drive yourself home

Is Pro-Nox™ Right for You?

Pro-Nox™ is extremely safe and easy to use, making it suitable for most patients! Please note that certain conditions like pregnancy, medication and drug use, and other concerns may contraindicate your Pro-Nox™ use. We’ll go over how Pro-Nox™ can make your appointment go even smoother during a consultation, where we’ll also determine if it’s the best anesthetic option for you.

Don’t Let Your Nerves Get in The Way of Becoming Your Best Self!

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