Vampire Facials® &
Vampire Treatments
in Tucson, AZ

At Beauty & Health by Liz, we’re excited to bring you the original Vampire Facial® and other regenerative vampire treatments that will leave you with dramatically stunning results! Our experts can help you achieve a wide range of beauty goals with this biologically compatible treatment by getting you your ideal skin, hair, and more!

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What Are Vampire Treatments?

Vampire treatments are the original branded platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments. These innovative procedures utilize your own blood to provide naturally rejuvenating results. By drawing a small amount of blood and spinning it in a centrifuge, we can extract the PRP, which contains healing growth factors and other beneficial components that promote cell growth and development. We can then insert the PRP into the skin to achieve various results, from improving skin texture to enhancing your overall appearance by stimulating collagen production.

Vampire Facials® & Lifts®: What Can Vampire Treatments Do for You?

Both the Vampire Facial® and the Vampire Facelift® use PRP to trigger natural healing processes within the body. The Vampire family of treatments are the original and best in the field and offer safe and significant results that you’ve likely seen in the media! We can treat concerns like sagging, dryness, folds, scarring, wrinkles, texture, and more with Vampire treatments at Beauty & Health by Liz.

Vampire Facials®

Vampire Facials® offer all-around stunning results for your skin and rely on microneedling and PRP to stimulate collagen and elastin proteins. This treatment smooths out wrinkles and lines while improving skin tightness, elasticity, and evenness for youthful skin. It also offers regenerative capabilities on two levels: the collagen-producing microinjuries from microneedling, and the growth factors from PRP.

Vampire Facelift®

The Vampire Facelift® is a non-surgical procedure that pairs healing PRP with dermal fillers. By injecting a combination of PRP and dermal fillers into specific areas of the face, we can restore volume, address wrinkles, and sculpt the face for longer-lasting results. This powerful duo creates a more comprehensive rejuvenating effect, as fillers immediately add volume and address certain concerns while PRP stimulates deeper healing and collagen production.

Vampire Breast Lift®

The Vampire Breast Lift® uses PRP to improve aging, sagging breasts. We inject PRP into specific areas around and on the breasts and décolleté to create a lifting effect. The healing factors in the PRP help lift, firm, and tighten your breasts for perfectly perky results, without surgery!

Vampire Wing Lift®

With aging, pregnancy, and childbirth, your genital area can change, leading to a sagging, drooping, labia that may also become enlarged. With a Vampire Wing Lift®, we can revive your labia and the surrounding areas for increased sexual pleasure as well as aesthetic benefits, by using a proprietary blend of your own PRP and dermal filler. Once injected into the area, your skin will immediately get plumped as the PRP works to create long lasting results!

Vampire Treatments for 

Women & Men’s Sexual Wellness


Your body’s healing powers enhance your overall sexual wellness with the Vampire Oh-Shot! PRP taken from your own blood offers a way to boost sensitivity, increase sex drive, reduce pain, minimize incontinence, and tightens you up with no side effects and downtime. Enjoy stronger and more frequent orgasms with the Oh-Shot!


The Vampire P-Shot combines BroCox (AKA BOTOX®) with your own PRP to provide total penile rejuvenation. Enjoy longer lasting, fuller erections as the Vampire P-Shot improves blood flow and enlarges girth with just one injection!

Vampire Treatments for Joint Pain

Keep your joints healthy and speed up healing with our Vampire joint injections! Your body’s PRP has powerful capabilities to regenerate and improve the condition of your joints, with growth factors spurring on the process to get you fighting fit once more.

Vampire Treatment Candidate at Beauty & Health by Liz
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Are You a Candidate for Vampire Treatments?

Due to its biologically compatible nature, most patients are candidates for Vampire treatments. These treatments intrinsically have a very lower risk of side effects because we draw and use your own blood for the platelets. Our compassionate team is here to determine if this is the best option for you in a comprehensive consultation, where we’ll discuss the wide variety of uses and aesthetic goals Vampire treatments can be used for.

Your Vampire Treatment Appointment: What to Expect

Prior to your appointment, we’ll give you some personalized preparation instructions to help ensure you get optimal results. Once you’re here, we’ll ensure you’re comfortable by applying a numbing cream and giving you the option to use Pro-Nox™ gas for your own ease. We’ll use the centrifuge to separate out the PRP and begin either microneedling or injecting you depending on your specific treatment. Once you’re done, we’ll provide further advice, insights, and information on aftercare that’s specialized to your unique needs and treatment. The risk of side effects is low and most tend to be minor, though aftercare will vary based on treatment.

Vampire Treatment Results

Smoother, even-toned skin without texture; plumped, perkier breasts; and enhanced confidence — these are all results you can expect from Vampire treatments at Beauty & Health by Liz! It may take time to notice your results, especially if you are undergoing microneedling or a lift. Anything using filler will show instantaneous results, but most patients will see their results within the first few weeks after their treatment.

Vampire Treatments at Beauty & Health by Liz

We offer all our patients the royal treatment at Beauty & Health by Liz. Discover what we can do for you when you book with one of the most compassionate and experienced teams in Tucson! We’re proud to offer only the best, and original, PRP treatments with offerings like the Vampire Facial® and more. We’re skilled at creating gorgeous results, whether you want a dramatic boost or something more subtle. Find out why Beauty & Health by Liz is your premier destination for Vampire treatments when you schedule your first consultation with us!