Supplement Injections &
Vitamin Shots in Tucson, AZ

Modern stressors have made it harder than ever to maintain your health on your own, whether you’re dealing with issues like vitamin deficiencies, ongoing pain, or another symptom of overall metabolic trouble. Our diverse range of injectable vitamins and supplement injections directly treat problem areas and issues with a direct dose of the nutrition your body needs to thrive!

Doctor explaining to patient about supplement injections at Beauty and Health by Liz

Our Approach to Supplement Injections

We prioritize your health and wellbeing at Beauty & Health by Liz. Everyone’s body is different — where one individual might lack a certain nutrient, another may have it but it’s not reaching the right parts of the body or being absorbed properly. Our team can find the root source of the issue and use the proper injectable supplement to treat you. We’re proud to offer a variety of supplement injections that can help address a range of problem areas across the body, whether you’re looking to enhance your overall wellness, burn some stubborn fat, or treat your joints to some relief.

Are You a Candidate for Supplement Injections?

Because we typically use natural nutrients and most people have some deficiencies or imbalances, the majority of patients are great candidates for supplement injections! Our team will discuss your medical history, goals, and options during a consultation. We’ve found that most people can typically benefit from at least one supplement injection, especially when dealing with common symptoms of stress.

Supplemental injections candidate in Tucson, AZ at Beauty and Health by Liz

Our Supplement Injections

Vitamin B-12 Shot

An essential shot that improves energy levels, mood, brain function, metabolism, and weight loss, B-12 is a versatile vitamin that your body uses for many processes. It’s especially important for those who don’t consume animal meat. Our team is ready to have you flourishing with our B-12 shot!

Tri-Immune Boost: Glutathione, Vitamin C, & Zinc

Improve your health and immune function with this unique dose that contains a unique vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant blend. Your immune system impacts much of how your body feels and functions day-to-day, with glutathione helping protect against free radical damage from pollution, stress, and more. Paired with vitamin C, the two recycle one another for long-lasting effects.

Slim Shot Fat-Burning for Weight Loss

A potent dose of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and other factors that target stubborn fat stores. Our slim shots use a proprietary formula that enhances metabolic function, so you can shed fat while retaining your muscle. Slim shots are a great tool to integrate into medical weight loss programs, something our team will discuss with you during a consultation.

Joint Injections: Trigger Points, Trigger Finger, & More

Relieve myofascial pain with direct shots to the ‘knots’ in your muscles, also known as trigger points. We can also relieve trigger finger issues with a special injection, while providing lasting relief from joint pain. Each of our join injections is designed to minimize inflammation to help you regain control of how your body feels!

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