PHYSIQ Body Sculpting
in Tucson, AZ

What is PHYSIQ Body Sculpting?

If you’re looking to build muscle and burn fat, without exercising or dieting, you’re in luck! PHYSIQ body sculpting can help you get the figure you’ve always wanted, as it noninvasively combines timed deep heat energy with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to painlessly eliminate fat and build muscle. Innovative Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse (STEP) technology works by using a deep heat phase through a super luminescent diode matrix (SDM) to target fatty tissue, while EMS causes muscle contractions that rehabilitate and tone the desired areas.

PHYSIQ Body Sculpting Benefits

  • Two treatments in a single session: fat burning and muscle building
  • Improves your confidence
  • No diet or exercise requirements
  • Destroyed fat cells never return
  • Comfortable cooling technology keeps the process painless
  • Multiple, customizable applicators help you get the results you want
  • No downtime
PHYSIQ Body Sculpting Treatment in Tucson, AZ at Beauty & Health by Liz
Doctor interviewing patient for Physiq body sculpting at Beauty & Health by Liz

Am I a Candidate for PHYSIQ?

If you’re at or close to your target weight, and you want to melt away fat in stubborn areas while improving your body mass with healthy muscle, then you’re a perfect candidate for PHYSIQ! Our experts will craft a treatment plan for you that helps you get the results you want, after we’ve gone over your medical history in a thorough consultation. Please note that PHYSIQ is not an appropriate treatment for those who are nursing or pregnant.

Treatment Process

We start by using one or a combination of the four applicators to target the desired areas you want to define and sculpt. You’ll feel a slight warm sensation, which most patients find to be comfortable. Each treatment session lasts for around 30 minutes, and we recommend at least five treatments for best results, two weeks apart. The small applicators allow us to precisely treat smaller areas, like your inner thighs or flanks, and we’ll ensure that you’re at ease throughout the process. For 48 hours afterward, we recommend avoiding heat and exercise.


You’ll begin noticing results after a single session! Feelings of soreness are common, as your muscles have just undergone an intense workout. After your PHYSIQ treatment, you’ll experience dramatically improved muscle strength, tone, and definition, with minimized fat and a big burst of confidence. We recommend you note your results by how you look in the mirror, rather than on the scale: PHYSIQ is a sculpting treatment that removes lighter weight fat, while improving the quality of heavier muscles.

Why Choose Us?

At Beauty and Health by Liz, we’re proud to go above and beyond for our Tucson community by investing in the best technology, like PHYSIQ. We love being able to boost our patients’ self-esteem with treatments that really work and helping them shape and sculpt their bodies. As a family-owned and operated practice, our bilingual team of experts knows that getting your ideal shape isn’t as simple as diet and exercise. It’s why we offer compassionate care that allows you to express your desires for your unique needs, so that we can get ahead on ensuring you have the best and most effective results!