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Physiq Body Sculpting in Tucson, AZ


Physiq is the first and only body sculpting device that combines laser energy and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to burn fat and build muscle – with no dieting and no exercise.  This revolutionary fat loss procedure is fast and painless – delivering a slimmer and more toned appearance in just 30 minutes while you relax in our Tucson medical spa. 

Most patients notice some immediate results after their first session, with complete fat loss and muscle building results appearing after just 5 treatments per area, once every 2 weeks. The Physiq procedure can treat the abdomen (belly), legs, arms, buttocks, hips, back, and even the ‘love handles’.

Physiq body sculpting uses thermal energy to heat underlying tissue to melt fat – while simultaneous contact cooling keeps the skin’s surface comfortable. At the same time electric pulses stimulate thousands of muscle contractions in a single 30 minute session. These contractions equal months of exercise – dramatically improving muscle strength, tone and definition in as little as 5 Physiq treatments.

Schedule Physiq body sculpting appointment at Beauty & Health by Liz in Tucson, AZ, and get the body you’ve always wanted – with no dieting, no exercising and no downtime!