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Concierge Primary Care in Tucson, AZ

Living a happy life starts with achieving and maintaining health, wellness and vitality. But navigating the traditional medical system – as well as negotiating with frustrating health insurance companies – can often stand in the way of finding the medical treatments you need to feel your best and live your best life. This is where the concept of Concierge Primary Care comes in – to help you get the customized medical procedures you need without the usual hassles or obstacles.

Concierge medicine is an innovative, effective, personalized and responsive alternative to the traditional medical practice model. Our experienced Concierge Primary Care providers see far fewer patients – enabling them to provide higher-quality, more individualized medical care to patients. And, as an added benefit, patients only pay for the medical services that they want and need.

The Concierge Primary Care Team at Beauty & Health by Liz in Tucson, AZ offers a personal provider-patient relationship, with an in-depth understanding of each patient’s personal health and wellness needs and goals. We look at the “whole person” – not just a body part – to help you determine which medical services and treatments will provide you with the best results, the most energy, the fastest recovery, and above all the highest quality of life.

Our concierge medical services encompass hormone replacement, IV drip therapy, B-12 shots, a wide array of sexual wellness treatments, and much more. We also provide joint, trigger point, trigger finger and other pain relief injections – in addition to basic biopsies, toenail removal, and drainage of incisions, abscesses and subungual hematomas.

We are here when you need us, to help you live a healthier and happier life – with improved acuity, energy, libido and vitality at every age!