Vampire Wing Lift® in Tucson, AZ

The Vampire Wing Lift® is a state-of-the-art, non-surgical treatment that uses the body’s own cellular regeneration processes, combined with hyaluronic acid fillers, to plump and rejuvenate the vaginal “wings” or labia. This non-invasive procedure gives your female area a more youthful and attractive appearance – with no incisions and little to no downtime.

As a woman gets older, the skin on her labia ages just like the skin on the face does. This can result in a loss of plumpness and smoothness – and the labia can start to wrinkle, “deflate”, droop or sag. Many women lose confidence and become self-conscious during intimate moments when the labia starts to show signs of aging. But the Vampire Wing Lift®, uses the patient’s own “platelet rich plasma” or “PRP” – extracted from their own blood – to stimulate the labial tissue’s natural rejuvenation processes, and reverse the signs of aging.

During the Vampire Wing Lift® a small quantity of the patient’s blood is drawn. Then the blood is spun in a special centrifuge that separates out the platelets – to create a plasma which contain up to 8 times the “growth factor” of whole blood. A numbing cream is applied to the labia, and pro-nox anesthetic gas may also be administered at the patient’s request. Then the “PRP” along with a hyaluronic acid filler is injected back into the labia area.

The hyaluronic filler immediately fills folds and wrinkles and plumps up lose, sagging skin. Over the next few months the concentrated “growth factors” contained in the PRP naturally continue to stimulate production of collagen & elastin – the protein building blocks of young, plump, smooth, healthy skin.  Results of a Vampire Wing Lift give the labia a youthful and refreshed appearance and can last a year or longer – all without “going under the knife”.

We offer the licensed, original Vampire Wing Lift® in Tucson, AZ – not an imitation or substitute like many other providers. So, you know you will get the safest treatment and best possible results! Schedule a Vampire Wing Lift®, and regain your confidence with a more beautiful intimate area!